"During the 48 years of dictatorship in Portugal, General Humberto Delgado was one of the most ferocious and daring opponents and a candidate to the presidential Elections in 1958. On May 22nd, 1958, General Humberto Delgado gave the famous speech that concluded his rally in Chaves, at the Cine-Parque. The secret police PIDE destroyed all voice recordings of the General after the campaign, except this one, because it was buried in a backyard for many years. The speech held through time, but the Cine-Parque didn't..."
Producer: Ay Filmes
Director and Editor: Rúben Sevivas
Director of Photography and Color Correction: Rita Lameira
Sound Mixer and Sound Designer: João Araújo
Original Title: Direito à Memória
9'10'' | color | DOC | PT

// New York Portuguese Film Festival 2019 - Official Selection (USA, East-Timor, Cape Verde, Brazil, Canada, Angola, Mozambique, UK, Romania & Germany)
// FEST NDNFF 2019 - National Grand Prix Selection (Espinho, Portugal)
// Curtas Vila do Conde 2019 - Take One! Selection (Vila do Conde, Portugal)
// BEAST International Film Festival 2019 - Portuguese Abroad Selection (Porto, Portugal)
// YMOTON 2019 - Official Selection (Famalicão, Portugal) (BEST DOCUMENTARY AWARD)
// Festa da Literatura de Chaves - Screening (Chaves, Portugal)
// Prémio Sophia Estudante 2019 from Portuguese Academy - Best Documentary Nominee
// Shortcutz Figueira da Foz - 2019 Competition (Figueira da Foz, Portugal)
// Monstrarte - Screening (Loulé, Portugal)
// Abril Entre Cantos - Online Screening
// Leiria Film Fest 2020 - Official Selection (Leiria, Portugal) (BEST PORTUGUESE DOCUMENTARY)
// Mov'Ilha 2020 (Pombal, Portugal)
// Shortcutz Viseu - 2020 Competition (Viseu, Portugal)
// Shortcutz Ovar - 2020 Competition (Ovar, Portugal)
// Entre Olhares 2020 - Official Selection (Barreiro, Portugal)
// Cinemax 2020 - RTP2 (Portuguese TV Channel)
// XX Encontros de Cinema de Viana 2020 - Official Selection (Viana do Castelo, Portugal) (HONORABLE MENTION)
// Utopia - UK Portuguese Film Festival - Official Selection (United Kingdom)
// Caminhos 2020 - 'Intervention' Screening (non-competitive) (Coimbra, Portugal)
// Horizontes Festival 2020 - Portuguese Film Festival (Online)
// Shortcutz Porto - 2020 Competition (Porto, Portugal)
// Shortfilms International Day Event @ Mira Forum (Porto, Portugal)
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